DVD Services
Bulk DVD Duplication Replication Company

Let us take your DVD and duplicate it using our state-of-the-art DVD industrial machines built for the highest quality discs made.

We offer both DVD duplication and replication services. What's the difference? Replication is molded and stamped. Duplication is laser burned using DVD r discs.

Small budget? Looking for cheap rates from high quality disc makers? Oh yeah! You want a great price? This is the place for fabulous discount disc duplication.

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We will beat the service of any DVD duplication company, house, manufacturing store that does short run, perfect professional low cost fast DVD duplication.

When it comes to multiple DVD disk duplication or when we use our large run dvd rom replicators your project, whether it be large or small receives the best in media quality manufacturing available.

For laser burning we use the DVD r. Types of discs? We use DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD 10 (dual layer discs) in disk duplicating.

If you do a search for DVD copiers you'll most likely find us. Why? Because we do DVD copies that many times are better quality than the original DVD master that you give us. There is a reason for this.

The DVD duplicator laser copies the digital data from your disc to the computer. If some of the digital data is a little hard to read because of the dirt or small marks on the master it will end up defined and clean on the computer. From the computer it is then burned on the new disc.

Disc pressing works the same way in the DVD copying process, where the copies are not laser burned, but stamped with a stamper in the copy process. Rose Pedal Media is in the category of DVD duplicators, a dvd manufacture house / DVD service provider for DVD production duplication. call us for a quote at 801-274-9953
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